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The 1st Museum Dedicated to America’s Historically Black Colleges Is Open in Washington, DC

by Anne Branigin on

A 638-square-foot storefront on Georgia Avenue in Washington, D.C., now houses the first museum in the world dedicated to HBCUs... Read full article

Black men viewed as larger, more dangerous than white men of same size


White people view young black men as taller, heavier, stronger and more dangerous than young white men of the same size, according to a new psychology study. ... Read full article

Black Panther Will Be the First Film Shown in Saudi Arabian Cinemas in 35 Years


Black Panther will break Saudi Arabia’s 35-year long cinema ban, becoming the first film publicly shown in theaters in the conservative gulf kingdom since they were shuttered in the 1980s.... Read full article

Podcast/Web Series Addressing African American Struggles Debuts in Black History Month

by on

The Sound of Melanin (TSOM), highlights and examine various social, political, spiritual and relationship challenges faced by African American community. TSOM is addressed from a humorous angle... Read full article

From Zamunda To Wakanda: How ‘Black Panther’ Reimagined African Style

by Zeba Blay on

The last time we saw the kind of opulence, grandeur and pure African style displayed in Marvel’s latest box office juggernaut “Black Panther” was, perhaps, 30 years ago, in the classic Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.”... Read full article

Is the South More Racist Than Other Parts of the US?

by Michael Harriot on

Is the South More Racist I often hear people who live in other states, especially in the Northeast, offhandedly demean the South as backward, less educated and—more important—racist... Read full article

The Black Girl in Search of God and Some Lesser Tales

by Philip Spires on

She learns that most "civilised" countries have given up on God and hears a plea that people like her should not be taught things that the mother country no longer believes.... Read full article

Her Photos Went Viral, and Now Every Modeling Agency Wants to Sign Her!

by on

Several photos of Anok Yai, a New Hampshire college student, have gone viral on social media and now every model agency in the country wants to sign her.... Read full article

The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families


African American parents are increasingly taking their kids' education into their own hands—and in many cases, it's to protect them from institutional racism and stereotyping. ... Read full article

Betsy DeVos Accused Of "Whitewashing" The History Of Black Colleges


The real ugly truth is, HBCU’s were a result of white supremacy and privilege. A system that brutalized Black students for even attempting to attend white schools – often in accordance with the law.... Read full article