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7 Ways Black History Was Made During Black History Month

by Clarissa Hamlin on

This February, several people made firsts, smashed records and broke down barriers. Actors, actresses, athletes, activists and more made headlines in sports, movies and politics. Yes, people represented for #BlackExcellence. ... Read full article

New Film “Blink” Highlights the Dramatic Story of a Black Woman’s Struggle With Domestic Violence

by on

Blink is the dramatic story of Nailah Belle as the character tries to navigate the depths and effect of domestic violence. Belle discovers that the calmest seas are often the most turbulent below the surface. ... Read full article

New York, Georgia, Florida leads Nation in Black-owned businesses


Black-owned businesses accounted for about 28% percent of all businesses in Washington, DC... Read full article

Nielsen Study Quantifies the Power and Influence of Black Girl Magic

by Selena Hill on

African American women have a gripping influencing in mainstream culture, proving our magic is limitless... Read full article

New Study Claims White Men Buy Tons Of Guns Because They Are Afraid Of Black People

by Parker Riley on

According to Scientific American, relatively three percent of Americans own half of the country’s firearms. Who fits the profile? White men without a lot of education who are afraid of Black people.... Read full article

Will Generation Z Be The Most Entrepreneurial Generation Yet?

by Alisa Gumbs on

When it comes to how those aspiring entrepreneurs in Generation Z plan to realize their dreams of being a CEO, it seems they face the same obstacles as other startups. Their top three deterrents to pursing business ownership are:... Read full article

Face Value

by LW2 on

A well designed logo is worth it's weight in gold.... Read full article

At 27, Hanif Johnson Is The Youngest District Judge In Pennsylvania

by Philip Lewis on

The Harrisburg native is looking to make a difference in his community. ... Read full article

Is the South More Racist Than Other Parts of the US?

by Michael Harriot on

Is the South More Racist I often hear people who live in other states, especially in the Northeast, offhandedly demean the South as backward, less educated and—more important—racist... Read full article


by Kandia Johnson on

I’m doing an Indiegogo project to raise funds to master, produce, and manufacture the 18 music tracks I was able to extract from the video. The crowdfunding will fund the production and digital distribution for the project. ... Read full article