Read our update:  28 Black-owned Vegan restaurants!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what it really means to be a vegan. The veganism philosophy can extend beyond the plate ("I won't eat anything that has a bladder or a mother") to not wearing animal products (leather, suede, fur, wool, silk, feathers), and avoiding products with animal ingredients or testing ("cruelty-free" labels). Regardless of the debate, don't knock it until you've tried it.  Let's get to it. 


Here are 10 Black-owned vegan restaurants you should try!

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant - Atlanta, GA.  Soul Vegetarian Restaurant is the largest chain of Vegan Restaurants in the world and operates under the auspices of the Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem. website

The Nile Cafe - Philadelphia, PA.  Philly's finest Vegetarian and Vegan Soul Food, baked goods and supply of purified water located in the heart of Germantown. website

green seed vegan - Houston, Texas.   a plant based eatery and elixir bar serving fresh pressed gourmet sandwiches, chlorophyll-rich live foods, cold pressed juices, and super immune building fruit blends (aka smoothies). website

VEG NATION LLC - Saint Louis, Missouri.  We have more than 40 items to choose from on our menu of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. website


Loving It Live - East Point, Georgia.  We believe that our food is our medicine and we make it our heartfelt commitment never to compromise the quality of our food. Let Lov’n It Live take you to a world where good food is actually good for you! website


Soul Veg Tallahassee - Tallahassee, Florida.  Soul Veg Tallahassee specializes in all natural vegan Soul Food! Everything from vegan macaroni & cheese, fresh steamed collard greens & candied vegan lasagna, portabella mushroom burgers, sauteed eggplant and red beans over rice. website

Stuff I Eat - Inglewood, California.  The Stuff We Eat is... The Stuff You Eat! Fresh, Natural and 95% organic. Your health is as important as ours.  We have been perfecting home cooked vegan cuisine for over 15 years in an effort to share health through food.  We are firm believers that the food you choose to eat is directly related to your well being. In order to feel 100%, you have to eat 100% fresh and natural. website

NuVegan Café - Washington, District Of Columbia.  OUR MISSION is to expose your taste buds to the undeniably refreshing and delicious nature of eating natural. Things that are made for the soul should not only nurture, but satisfy the soul. Our food is not only made with natures best DELICIOUSNESS, it’s eatable and edible. webiste


Original Soul Vegetarian - Chicago, Illinois.   We seek to offer a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for vegans and health aficionados throughout the Chicago area. For the past 30 years, we have offered food that is both healthy and delicious—winning the praise and consistent patronage of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. website

THE Land of Kush - Baltimore, Maryland.  Inspires you to feed your spirit. We are VeganSoul! Celebrate a new way of life with healthier food. We work with vegetarians, vegans, and health conscious people who struggle with finding quality, tasty vegetarian food and want access to a location to experience our food and services. What makes us so different is “You won’t believe it’s veggie!” As a result, our clients enjoy healthy food and a good way of life and living. website